Motivational Speaking

"Dynamic! Enthusiastic! Inspirational!"  As a Motivational Speaker and Professional Organizer, Sharon will inspire your group to tackle life's challenges, organize their surroundings, and set sail confidently into the voyage of life. Are you anchored to regret? Missing the wind in your sails? Stuck in your stuff? Do you need hope for the future? There is help. Sharon has been there. She understands. And she's motivated. So call today, weigh the anchor, and set sail!

To book one of the following topics –- or to have one created to fit your needs -- call today at (618)977-2582, or email Sharon at

Topics | Motivation

Wo-Mentoring – It’s a Girl Thing!

Woman Mentoring to Woman, Inspirational!

Who Am I? and Why Can't I Be Her?

Celebrate yourself with the realization that you ARE her!

Missing the Spark in Life? Get Rejuvenated!

Life is so short ... And, yes ... you can enjoy every minute!

Think Positively – Proceed with Confidence

Ditch negative thoughts for good!

Feel at Home in Your Own Space

Have a Stay-cation right in your own home!

Stress-Free Your Holiday

Topics | Organization

Help!!!! I Am STUCK in My STUFF!!!!

Learn how emotionally attached we become to our stuff!

Accomplish More in Less Time

Where Did All This STUFF Come From?

Make Space, Move Forward

Are you buried? Enough is enough! Get Free!

Eliminate the Paper War

Where does your mail go? Counters, table?

Custom Design Your System

Have a unique situation? Set up your space 'just for you'!

Quick, Simple Black Crate Filing System

Topics | Work Environment

Be Excited to Sit at Your Own Desk

Can you imagine what a clean desk would feel like?

Does Your Office Environment Need an Extra Boost?

Overcome Difficult Environments in the Workplace

Co-workers getting to you? Learn tips to enjoy work!

I need to learn Word, Excel, and Power Point... NOW!!!

Super-Organized Color-Coordinated Files

Find every single piece of paper instantly!!!


"Powerful! Superb motivational business speaker! With customized speeches, Sharon connects with the audience. I have heard her perform several times. I find myself laughing and crying - she evokes emtion in me that I haven't experienced before. I leave inspired!"
Karen Huelsmann, Owner,; Member, Business of Professional Women

"Excellent Speaker! Enthusiastic! Sharon tailors her speeches to each audience. Also, having used Sharon as a speaking coach, I finally was able to get up in front of an audience!"
Renee Wade-Foehner, Owner,

"DYNAMIC! Kept the audience's attention every single moment! We can't wait for her to return!"
Karen Paubel, President, Parent Club